February 7, 2013

Heavy snow coming

If you don't see me here tomorrow, it means I've lost electricity. According to the weather folks, my area is expecting between 9 and 33 inches of snow. I'm hoping for the big-time: 33. We haven't had a real snowfall in years. It's definitely time.

The computer forecast that shows 33 inches is the European model. You may recall that it was the European model that correctly predicted the course of "superstorm" Sandy. So I guess we're in for a huge snowfall.

I think that's great. The Australian Baseball Championship Series is on ESPN this weekend. Three games, starting on Friday. Given satellite TV's difficulties in a big snowfall, I may miss the Friday game. But I'll still have two more.

One last thing. It's nice that normal, everyday people will be able to earn money by shoveling snow. That's one of the best things about snow and it comes at an opportune time, when many people's wallets are empty.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

1 comment:

Artichoke Annie said...

WOW - 33 inches. Big Time Snow Fall.

Happy Hunkering Down.

I will be thinking of you.