March 31, 2012

Trashing the Dalai Lama

Another twit.
PZ did it yesterday and I'll happily chime in. I detest the Dalai Lama and group him with Deepak Chopra. They both mouth nonsense to the gullible and call it wisdom.

But I've got a special distaste for the DL because of two things. One is that so many liberals love him. This makes me ill. The man says idiotic, unconnected things, smiles -- and liberals drop to their knees. This doesn't say much for the logic circuits of these folks.

The other reason is that I once saw him interviewed on TV, and he expressed his opinion of homosexuality. I don't have a transcript but as I remember it, he said homosexuality was a categorical error, a mistake. He said we aren't really homosexual, we just mistakenly think we're gay. Actually, according to the DL, there is no such thing as homosexuality.

Indeed. Another celibate man in a dress attacks gay people. And he often says he's against gay marriage. He's very clear about this. Still love him, liberals?

People, don't look toward religion for anything except nonsense and hatred. Both items are their stock in trade.

PS: The reason there is a focus on the odious DL of late is that he just received a ton of money from the oppressively idiotic Templeton Foundation. Isn't that sweet? The kings of woo crowned another favored messenger. Disgusting. (And I'm very upset with Sean Carroll for accepting money from the Templeton Foundation. It's a stupid thing for a scientist to do. They push religion, not science. Science and religion cannot co-exist, yet making believe they can co-exist is the purpose of the Templeton Foundation. It's a braindead organization and no self-respecting scientist should accept a dime from them. It's tainted money.)

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