March 5, 2012

Not half bad

Barrios sculpture.
When I saw this notice in the Associated Press feed at the NY Times this morning, I was immediately ready to dislike the artist:
NEW YORK (AP) — Nine stainless steel, multicolored sculptures of various geometric shapes will tower over Manhattan's Park Avenue in an art project by Venezuelan sculptor Rafael Barrios. 
I thought, "Shades of Christo and Jeanne-Claude: more idiot art work." But I looked him up and the guy's work is interesting. There's a magical sense of movement in his sculptures. I guess it's all about the placement of the shapes. I particularly like the positions of the rectangles in the above image. It's like a snapshot of time itself. Sculptures like this would look lovely over Park Avenue.

I therefore rescind my half-baked attack and remind myself not to dish things that I haven't seen. This would seem to be a good rule.

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