March 23, 2012

Sounds like fun but don't do it

Anonymous killed the popey guy's web site, the one intended for use during his imminent tour of Mexico. Although this seems humorous because it involves our favorite villain (the popey guy, not Anonymous), I don't approve. We can't just cut off people's main means of communication because we don't like them. It's not right.

Let them have their little site. I have no problem with religious twits talking to each other. In fact, I wish they'd talk to each other more so they wouldn't have time to force their values on normal people.

But really: let people communicate. Imagine if progressive blogs were blocked by rightwing hackers. (Ha! Like they understand computers and can accomplish things.) It wouldn't be cool at all.

Think of Egypt and Syria. People must be free to communicate. It's the new inalienable right.

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