March 17, 2012

So who's this white guy?

For the past few days there has been an interloper in the flock. It's some white guy and we don't know who he is. The nerve of him! Insinuating himself into the flock, and all.

Look at the photo of him from the front. He's like a dinosaur! He's got that T-Rex little-arms thing going on. At least I think so. Or maybe he's a former smoker and the surgery left a hole in the middle of his chest. Hard to say.

Wary geese watch whitey.
Click on the photographs to see a larger version. Anyone know what this guy is? I haven't seen this species in the area before, though I've lived here for over 17 years. The geese think he's really weird and they pick on him, though it doesn't rise to the level of a major fight. Just a goose tussle. I think they've been trying to pluck his feathers out, which is typical aggressive behavior for geese. I assume he's a goose, too.

The poor thing. I hope he goes away while he still has some feathers. But for today, he's still here.


Artichoke Annie said...

Maybe the white guy is a snow goose?

Check out photos available here:

writenow said...

Looks about right. I'd like to see a photo from the front, to see if its "arms" do the T-Rex thing. Crack work, Annie. That's it: you've got the reporter job. We'll expect you in the office at 9 am sharp on Monday.