March 10, 2012

Odd headline at NY1

Fukushima (image:
The headline on New York's hometown cable news station, NY1, says "Many Still Displaced by Japan's Nuclear Near-Disaster".

Near disaster? Exactly what has to happen before NY1 considers an event a full nuclear disaster? Seems to me that losing a hemisphere of land with (at least) a 12-mile radius -- for several decades, if not forever -- should suffice. And dog only knows how many people will come down with cancer from radiation exposure.

Perhaps this reporter phrased this so inadequately because the American news failed to report fully on the tragedy, never digging deep -- and then turning the page and forgetting it entirely while the disaster was still raging.

Our media left us in the dark rather than offend nuclear advocates in this country. What piss-poor suckers the US media are. Truth be damned -- that's their motto. They have other matters to consider, like making money and sucking up to power.

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