March 16, 2012

Popey guy makes sexy overture to Nazi priests

The popey guy.
So the popey guy wants to make nice with the "traditionalist" Society of St. Pius X -- otherwise known as the intensely Nazi faction of the Christian faith.

The popey guy likes the Pius guys because they hate gays and do all sorts of vicious things, as is right and proper. But apparently they're a little too Nazi for the Nazi popey guy. Amazing!

The "traditionalist" faction is mortally opposed to the church's outreach to "Jews, Muslims and members of other faiths". (Nice, eh?) Plus they don't like that damn hippie "Second Vatican Council, whose modernizing reforms included reaching out to Jews and permitting the Mass to be celebrated in local languages instead of in Latin." The Nazis no likey.

Meanwhile, the popey guy is pissing off Jews who are horrified that he's sucking up to this anti-Semite bunch. But what can the popey guy do? He wants all the really, really hateful factions of Christianity to come home to Rome. Only then, when the hate is consolidated, can they act as one, attacking gay people and women worldwide. It's the popey guy's wet dream.

Can this vile creature do anything decent? Apparently not. The head of the Catholic church is a hate-mongering pig. So what else is new?

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