March 14, 2012

US exports religious bigotry

There's an AP article in the NY Times today, reporting on a US religious group that targets UK abortion clinics.
LONDON (AP) — One of Britain's main abortion providers says a campaign run by a U.S.-based religious group is intimidating women who use its services.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) says activists from the 40 Days for Life group have been holding vigils outside one of their central London clinics.

A spokeswoman for BPAS said Wednesday that some of the activists have filmed women coming in and out of the clinic.
Isn't that sweet? At the very end of the report, it says:
[A] campaign director of 40 Days for Life's London campaign says its members are carrying out a peaceful Christian prayer vigil. He says the group did not intend to film people using the clinic but some activists did have cameras to film people insulting them.
That last bit made me laugh. These Christian bigots are always primed for victimhood, aren't they? Well, I hope they take home the footage of people insulting them, and then hold large meetings where they play the insults to their members, over and over and over and...

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