March 21, 2012

Nobody likes this popey guy

The popey guy.
The popey guy is about to visit Mexico! Special, huh? Maybe not so much:
The imminent visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Mexico is drawing little excitement, underscoring the stark differences between this pontiff and his predecessor, John Paul II, a figure beloved to Mexicans.
But that's not the end of his Mexican problems. Every good popey guy story needs a pedophile angle, right? Here you go:
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Mexico this week to a very public reminder of one of the Catholic Church's most egregious sex abuse scandals: A new book says internal Vatican documents show the Holy See knew decades ago of allegations that the Mexican founder of the disgraced Legion of Christ religious order was a drug addict and pedophile. 
Oops. Is he the best popey guy ever, or what? If this guy could stay in charge for another 20 years, there'd be no church left. Go, popey guy!

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