March 28, 2012

Please create this app

I want an app that can sort through the sea of ebooks and come back with a useful list of new ebooks that I might like. They're out there but there's no way to find them.

I should be able to give the app a list of the books that I Iove and then set it loose on the ebook ocean. But I don't want it to just compare genres. I want it to analyze ebook reviews. It should compare the words used in these reviews to the frequency of words used in reviews of actual, you know, good books. Seems this might produce useful results.

It also needs a filter that reads book samples and tosses aside all the illiterate books so they're not included in the results. Anyone can publish a book these days and most of them are dreck, including many of the most popular ebooks. Popularity does not mean quality. Today, it often means the reverse. It only tells you what the Illiterati think. (Personally, I view all "top ten" lists as a handy references for things to avoid.)

Certainly there's a need for an app like this. It's not only difficult for authors to get noticed but equally difficult for readers to find a book they might enjoy. There are just too many of them.

Someone start working on this today. Thanks.


cm said...

You sould create it yourself. There is an app that is supposed to helps you create an app. It's called Aptista. Check it out. See if you can figure it out.

writenow said...

Just what I need: something else to do. Nope. I write books and that's all I do. When you're nearly 64, you have to focus if you want to get stuff done before you're dead.

cm said...

I know what you're saying. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Maybe putting your app suggestion on some of the tech or Apple boards will inspire someone to create it.

writenow said...

You forget that several billion people read my blog every day. There are probably 60 or 70 people working on this already. I bet the app will be available within a week. You gotta love the internet.