March 27, 2012

Aw! Nobody wants to go to the popey guy's forum.

The Vatican tried to pull off a science scam but nobody bit. AP tells the tale in Vatican Cancels Stem Cell Forum.
The Pontifical Academy for Life had organized the "Responsible Stem Cells Research Congress" for April 25-28 at the Vatican. But its website said that because so few participants had signed up, the event was canceled. 
Awww. The poor popey guy. He must feel so bad. All those invitations and no RSVPs returned. I wonder why? Could it be that actual scientists have no interest in meeting with a bunch of stuffy, old priests who want to tell them they are evil? Nah, that can't be it.

Unable to simply say: "Nobody wanted to come," the Vatican web site tossed out this bunch of words:
"Unfortunately, the scarce number of sponsors and registrations would have adversely affected the positive outcome of the meetings, and therefore this prompted the organizers to take the necessary steps to cancel the conference," the Academy website's said. 
We get it. Popey guy holds party; no one comes. Awwww!

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David Granovsky said...


“Bi-Stem Cell” describes a stem cell researcher who goes both ways (Adult and Embryonic). The Vatican asked two “bi-stem cell” speakers to only speak about Adult stem cells at their conference. Can science and religion peacefully co-exist? Was this a Vatican PR black eye? Read more here: