March 21, 2012

Over 80 degrees in NY tomorrow

Snowflake (Wikipedia Commons)
I can't believe I'm using fans in the house. It should be almost cold at this time of year, out here in the woods where I live in upstate NY.

The weather forecasters are predicting a very hot summer. Alarmingly, they also say the non-winter we just experienced may become the new normal. And they don't pussyfoot around about the reason. What we're seeing is climate change.

There's a song that will seem more poignant with every passing year:
I'm dreaming of a white Xmas
Just like the ones I used to know . . .
It's going to sound different to our ears when snow is just a memory. And still, no one's doing a damn thing about climate change.

Humans: the new lemmings. Dog save us all!


Artichoke Annie said...

Let's go in together and buy an igloo.

I may have to get away this summer. Maybe take a cruise to Alaska.

writenow said...

A trip past the icebergs in a ship would be great. I can't imagine what it's like to see that in person -- towering blue ice, calving into the sea. It seems almost alien and yet it's part of our planet.

I like your igloo idea. I wonder how much they go for.