May 5, 2011

You know what's weird?

Quo Vadis Keith Haring journal.
There are lots of pen and ink blogs. And why not? As an avowed stationery freak I totally understand the need to wax ecstatic about perfect pens, paper and notebooks. I've gotten some good leads on cool stuff by reading them.

But one thing that drives me crazy is that some of these bloggers buy notebooks and then wonder endlessly about what to do with them. They can't come up with one thing to write in their notebooks. Not one. It's true. They wax ecstatic over this or that model, buy it and then sigh and say they don't know how they'll ever "fill it up". As if it's a hamper or something, and you need to toss things into it, doesn't matter what, rocks maybe. They literally have nothing to say.

This freaks me out. How on Earth can someone find it hard to fill up a notebook? And is that the goal? Filling it up? Why not just smear ink on the pages if that's your aim? Voila. The book is "full".

Lack of creativity. It happens. But it's scary.

PS: If you like the journal pictured above, here's a link to buy one. Me, I like plainer stuff but it's a nice graphic and I do enjoy Keith Haring's art.


Artichoke Annie said...

You could get that notebook and alter the title slightly with a good white ink. Make it Keith's Hearing Book - for all your little baseball nibblets you hear at the games.

I have head that expression "I don't know what I will fill it up with" too, but I never thought about it very much. For sure rocks is not a good ideas.

People seemed to write more back in the day of paper, pen or pencil. I have tons of little books that my grandmother wrote in and some my mother wrote in as well. It might have been about Mrs. Soandso's recipe for a pie or maybe it was a list of purchases made, item and amount.

Sometimes I find a line of poetry that was dear enough to write down. And many time tucked between the pages was a clipped out article from the local paper that seem to be special.

Most of these books were never filled, always a few pages left over for placements of some rocks I suppose.

writenow said...

Great comment, Annie. You took the book and ran with it.

I gave everyone I know a leather-covered notebook two Xmases ago. I bought 60 refill notebooks for them and told them to let me know when they needed one.

Not one person has asked for a refill.

Artichoke Annie said...

That's funny, I to am a giver of notebooks. I gave my daughter a beautiful leather bound one for her birthday. I would love to know if she as used it.

Also I found some very tiny little books on sale after Xmas, almost ornament types, but with real paper pages. I bought a bunch with nothing special in mind.

Then last January I added one to a gift for my granddaughter. She said how cute. I said "It's for you to write down secrets in" - her head & eyes perked like an eager puppy and replied, "I have some secrets to put in there." So cute, 20 years old and still a kid at heart. I love her!!!!

writenow said...

A 20-year-old is still a kid. We reach adulthood sometime in our 40s, it seems.

Speaking of children, one of ours DROVE the other to school today. First time. That's so scary but you have to let them learn. (I still don't understand how our little babies could be doing this, though. It seems so OFF.)