May 23, 2011

I may have to start smoking again

Wickedly evil cigarettes. Ft, ft, ft...
"Smoking in New York City's 1700 parks, 14 miles of beaches, boardwalks, pools, public golf courses and pedestrian plazas became illegal on Monday under a new law."

You've got to be kidding. Let's see now . . . folks can be ignorant, stupid, argumentative and drenched in perfume -- and that's okay -- but dog forbid someone lights up a cigarette. Have I got it right?

This is a law passed by stupid twits. There is a miles-high dome of air over our planet. Puffing on a cigarette does not affect the boundless availability of air for everyone else. It has no effect at all. 

This is about taking action against a habit some people don't like. Sorry, but you don't get to do that because we all live in this country, not just you. Just because you'd rather stick pizza and cake into your pie-hole instead of a cigarette, has no bearing on what I can stick in my mouth. Got that?

And don't tell me this is about your health. If you think a person smoking a cigarette in the same park as you, or in the same plaza as you, or on the same beach as you, is a threat to your health then you should seek immediate psychiatric help. I would suspect you suffer from Narcissistic personality disorder, with a side-helping of paranoia. There is a planetful of air out there.

The second they make smoking illegal, I'm taking up the habit again. What a bunch of dolts. I'll bet these are the same idiots who want to teach creationism in the schools, want to confine marriage to hets, and have never had an original thought in their lives.

I hate perfume but I've never suggested they have a Perfume Car on trains and force the people who stink to sit in there. Nor have I tried to have them banned from public sidewalks and parks.

See how that works? Good.


Artichoke Annie said...

Welcome to the "New" Worlds. We have the same no smoking laws here in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. I noticed when I was at the park over the weekend the sign said 'no smoking'.

I quit eleven years ago (good for me) and when I did smoke I tried to be as courteous as possible, moving away from people, etc. But having a law that you can't smoke out in the public air is taking it a bit too far, even though now I find the habit discusting.

Oh and my pet peeve is perfume in elevators... nothing grander then a mix of about ten different parfumes in a closed in space. Ugh.

writenow said...

It's been nearly four years since I smoked but I don't find it disgusting. I like the smell and always let people smoke in my house.

Good to hear you find the law overbearing. What's with these people? They want to wave a wand and cause the world to follow their rules. Bah, humbug. I swear there will soon be a law saying you have to be white, heterosexual and Christian.

Yup, elevators can be dreadful. I don't get why some people drench themselves in perfume. Don't they have noses?