May 23, 2011

The dawn of the altruistic robot

There's a story today on physorg about robots that act in an altruistic manner. Truly. You can read it here. The following is an excerpt:
The team says the results are already proving useful in swarm robotics. 'We have been able to take this experiment and extract an algorithm that we can use to evolve cooperation in any type of robot,' Professor Floreano says. 'We are using this altruism algorithm to improve the control system of our flying robots and we see that it allows them to effectively collaborate and fly in swarm formation more successfully.'
Are you thinking Terminator yet? The world spins along while Americans focus their attention and energy on complete nonsense. Science is getting very interesting. Alas, there's no one left to notice.


Artichoke Annie said...

Might I suggest installing an altruism algorithm in humans?

My abrupt power outtage corrupted my google blog access on firefox while I was logged in, so I have changed over to IE for Artichoke Annie so I can access and comment on my favorite blogs. I'm trying to catch up. Hope you will bear with me.

writenow said...

Yes, altruistic humans would be a lovely change. Sounds like the power problems really affected you, Annie. I hope you're back to normal soon. How DARE anything interfere with internet access?!