May 28, 2011

Hippie music for a Sunday morning

I ran into this odd black and white video of Donovan playing "Sunny Goodge Street" on his guitar. It's simpler and more charming than the tricked-out studio version of the song on his magical album, Fairytale.

The video quality is pitiful but the sound isn't that bad. Of course, the funny thing about the video (other than the fact that his back is facing you for most of the song) is his outfit. It's beyond ridiculous. Donovan really went off the deep end with his royal court, prince-and-princess-of-acid routine. But he was writing stunning lyrics and music at this point in his life. I've posted the lyrics below the video.

On the firefly platform on sunny Goodge Street
A violent hash-smoker shook a chocolate machine
Involved in an eating scene
Smashing into neon streets in their stonedness
Smearing their eyes on the crazy colors goddess
Listenin' to sounds of Mingus mellow fantastic
"My, my", they sigh
"My, my", they sigh
In dollhouse rooms with coloured lights swingin'
Strange music boxes sadly tinkling
You drink in the sun shining all around you
"My, my", they sigh
"My, my", they sigh
The magician, he sparkles in satin and velvet
You gaze at his splendour with eyes you've not used yet
I tell you his name is love, love, love
"My, my", they sigh
"My, my", they sigh
"My, my", they sigh

My only quibble is with the very notion of a "violent hash-smoker". Has anyone ever seen one of those? You smoke hash and pretty much fall into a coma. Anyway, this slice of life from way-back-when was found on a Russian web site by a guy who then posted it to YouTube. I think that's cool -- it's like a cultural artifact, unearthed. You never know what you'll find out there on that wild and wooly internet.

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writenow said...

Okay, so I looked at it again and it's not black and white. It's just so drab you think it is.