May 31, 2011

Freedom Riders redux

Bus burning in Anniston, AL.
There was a great story on NY1 over the weekend. Here's an excerpt:
Tuesday was a spirited day in Jackson, Mississippi, as Freedom Riders who battled segregation in 1961 and current city high school students joined in song while marching to an event at the historic Greyhound bus station.

One of the interesting developments this week is that the Freedom Riders, many of whom have lived and worked out of the public eye, have, in the eyes of the students, become rock stars.
Check the full story out. I found it uplifting to read about these young people who are so fired up about the history of civil rights. Maybe there's hope after all.

To learn more about the Freedom Rides visit this page on the Clermont College site.


Artichoke Annie said...

This was a great post, Keith. I'm afraid these stories need to be retold year after year - to remind and re-energize... until we can truly say all hate is gone.

Thanks for this.

writenow said...

Thanks, Annie.