May 19, 2011

Almost home

The much maligned but nevertheless quite good Hootie and the Blowfish once covered a Weavers song called Almost Home. Unfortunately, there's no video for either version on YouTube. Damn!

It's a gorgeous song (Hootie's version, anyway) with a  short and strangely magical chorus. The lyrics in whole seem scattered but that chorus! I've highlighted it in bold and green below.

"Almost Home"

Walking on the water in a van
Trying to think of everything I can
But it's getting very late,
And these tapes don't sound too good
And my body just don't feel
The way I wish it would.

I was driving when I heard you call my name.
It was not like before not quite the same
It's too late to be much good and I might as well confess
That I have not got the nerve to borrow cigarettes.

When I'm almost with you, music tries to play,
When I'm almost home I almost hear you say,
"It would be all right if we could run away".

Deciding things for all my life
No one ever tells you when or why
But my heart can't seem to tell me
What would satisfy my mind
So I jump into the van one more time.


Artichoke Annie said...

Ah, Keith I found a snippet on itunes.
Yes, I like it.

You were busy with your posts late yesterday, I am skimming through before I take off to WOH.

Hope you have have a good day.

writenow said...

Ah, but did the snippet allow you to hear the chorus? It's haunting, it really is. Have a great day at work, Annie.