May 27, 2011

The genderless baby debate

I sort of enjoyed reading the story at the NYT about the Canadian mother who refuses to reveal her child's gender. Here's an excerpt:
Witterick [the mother] said in an email Friday that the idea that "the whole world must know what is between the baby's legs is unhealthy, unsafe and voyeuristic. We know — and we're keeping it clean, safe, healthy and private (not secret!)."
You go, girl. Though the idea that you named the kid Storm is a bit unsettling, if I may say so. It's as if you planned a firestorm in the wake of your decision. (And you did contact the press, I assume.) But I like the idea and it's made me think.

Perhaps I should stop revealing my gender. And maybe I'll adopt one of those simple one-name names, too. I could become . . . Swazoo. What do you think? Maybe it would simplify things around here, without me having to have a gender, and all. Hmmmm. But if I did this, you'd all have to keep quiet about the gender I used to be, okay? I know I can count on you guys. Hugs. Hmmm again. Xmas Carol by Swazoo. It has a ring to it.


Artichoke Annie said...

rofl - That has to be the funniest thing I have ever read. Just sign me...

non-gender specific

writenow said...

Have I told you lately that you're my favorite commenter?

cm said...

I agree to keep it secret Swazoo.

writenow said...

I never had the slightest doubt that my legion of fans would keep my secret. -- Swazoo

(more hugs)