May 16, 2011

On the other hand, I liked this a lot

In my dismissive post below, I forgot Yue Minjun, the Beijing artist who produces wild images of himself. There's something very alive in this man's art. Give us more like this!

If you'd like to read about Minjun, the NY Times wrote an article about him in 2007. They have more of his work there. Once you've seen Minjun's portraits, you don't forget them. Good art is powerful.


Artichoke Annie said...

Well I agree this guy is great. I had never seen his work before. Hard to pick a favorite. Love his terracotta warriors, never realized it but that 'smile' was what they all needed before.

How could you not have a great day if your walls were covered in his art.

writenow said...

I would love one of his paintings. Maybe he'll go crazy over Xmas Carol and give me one as a gift. He probably will, don't you think?