May 5, 2011

Blogger's transliteration tool

I was musing about this a moment ago, and a funny idea occurred to me. In case you're not on Blogger, this refers to the ability to have your blog translated into all sorts of languages. You just enable transliteration, click on a language and your blog becomes available in that language (or something; I'm not clear on this).

In any case, what I thought about was this: wouldn't it be fun if you could click on "British" and your blog would be "translated" into British? All your colors would be coloured, your defenses defenced. But what if it went beyond spelling and literally translated our American ways of saying things into common British usage?

Wouldn't that be wonderful? To read your own blog and see your folksy Americana translated into British slang? Surely someone will come up with the software to do this. I wish it existed now. I'd fetch a cup of tea and I expect I'd have a lovely sit-down with my new, posh blog. Oh, sod! The light's gone dark. Now, where'd I put that torch? I hope the charwomen didn't hoover it up. It's one of those teensy ones.

PS: If that got you in the mood, Wikipedia has a fun list of British words not used in America. I enjoyed the heck out of reading it.

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Artichoke Annie said...

Keith, that idea is massive. Love it.