May 2, 2011

Our kids are growing up

Long ago in a distant galaxy far . . .
That's a photo of our kids, and by this I mean my nephews, when they were little. They're big now.

On the left is Conor, the older one. He's 17 now and has his full driver's license!!! And Taylor, the one on the right, is 16 years old today! How could this have happened?

It's just shocking, I tell you, shocking. Has anyone else out there seen kids grow up? Did they also stop being kids one day and suddenly burst into large sizes? Is it an epidemic?

I miss those little kids and always will. They were the sweetest things that ever came into my life. But I'm proud as hell of our big guys. Taylor is about 6'3" now and Conor is my size, 6'5". And they're happy and smart and well-adjusted and kind. Amazing.

Seriously, though. Has someone seen this phenomenon? Tiny kids getting big? Is there a name for it? And I hate to say it but if this keeps up, one day we won't be in charge anymore.

Happy Birthday, Taylor! Keep 'em coming.


Artichoke Annie said...

Happy Birthday Taylor!!!!

That is the cutest picture ever, yes, I love the kids and they all grow up too fast.

Even my own grandson, Nicholas, who turned twelve this past March, isn't looking forward to his next year's birthday. Why?, you ask - he said he didn't want to be a teenager.

I'm sure he will alter his view in a year's time.

writenow said...

I remember when Conor first entered "teenage-hood"-- not something tied to a date but the experience itself. He was inconsolable over the injustice of something, and I explained that what he was feeling was "the teenage thing". I told him there would be not only incredible lows like this -- but the highest highs imaginable, and that's what being a teenager is all about. I said, "this is it: the teenage thing." He got it instantly and cheered right up. It's an amazing time in kids' lives -- so powerful!