January 16, 2015

A must-read column

In today's column, Frank Bruni Timothy Egan demolishes those who would curtail free speech. Here's a bit:
[Free speech] still has trouble finding favor in our country. Donald Trump, whose daily musings are proof that nothing is more revealing than a Twitter account in the hands of a simpleton, compared Charlie Hebdo to “rag magazine Spy that was very dishonest and nasty and went bankrupt.” He was referring to Spy, the thinking person’s Mad magazine. Or take a look at a list of banned books in the United States over the last hundred years: It’s a guide to good literature, and the small minds behind American hypocrisies.
Go read it. You'll be glad you did.

PS: It was so good, I thought this was Bruni's column at first. (I'd opened both columns in tabs before reading them. Doh!)

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