January 30, 2015

Absent blogger checks in

Aw, ya miss me, doncha? I had to put the blog aside for a few days because I had a breakthrough. No, not on the book I'm currently working on ("The Worlds") but on a book of short stories. This is a collection that will be called "Ink".

I love several of the short stories I've written for the book -- but I want them packaged in a certain way. The book is five (or six, I'm not sure yet) short stories that live within a larger short story (I refuse to call it a "novella", which sounds like an ice cream concoction). The inner stories all relate to the larger story within which they live; they play a vital role, each in its own way.

The breakthrough was the addition of a final short story that ties it all together. As usual, the idea came to me while I was watching TV. (Someone should do a study on the volume of creative ideas that pop up while one watches TV; am I alone in this? Happens all the time.)

So now I'm diving back into this book of stories, trying to polish those that are written as I work on the final tale. It's going to be a sparkling collection. At least, that's my goal.

Okay, you may now return to the gloom that descended upon you this morning when you learned that Mitt Romney won't be running for president. Darn!

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