January 10, 2015

More religious satire is what the world needs

PZ has a great post up today, tearing apart the idea that we shouldn't satirize those poor, poor Muslims. Why, they're a minority. Yeah, a murderous minority. As PZ says, "satire is not the problem". Terrorism is.

Go read the whole thing, but here's how he ends the post:
[R]ight now Dick Cheney is probably squatting in a vat of virgins’ blood in a secure location, sipping on a cocktail made with the tears of innocents, and chortling at the fact that his enemies are butchering effete French literateurs and refocusing the world’s contempt on Muslims, rather than hauling his ass off to the Hague for a war crimes trial.
Uh-huh. He's got that right. Saying that Charlie Hebdo had no right to be mean to Muslims is literally support for terrorism. Everything and anything can be the target of satire -- and religion is the finest target of all. When you lampoon religion - any religion - you are doing something constructive. Religion is for fools, and killing for religion is the stupidest thing a human can do. There is no god, people, no Allah and no grace. Religion is a magic fence surrounding nothing. Never forget that.

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