January 15, 2015

In dog we trust

OMD! I just found this on Joe Jervis' blog:
A rug has been removed from a sheriff's office in Florida after it was noticed that it read "in dog we trust" instead of "in God we trust". The $500 mat lay at the entrance to the office in Pinellas County for two months before someone noticed, a spokeswoman said. The error was made by the rug's manufacturer and is being corrected. But there have been several offers to buy the misprinted rug on the office's Facebook page. "I'd buy or donate to a charity to get one," wrote one user. "I'm a great dog person and really find that a rug like that would be wonderful for my dogs to have for beds," wrote another.
What a perfect rug for my house. (New readers may not know the story of Dog, the visitor from another galaxy, who came to Earth to learn if we were intelligent enough to join the other sentient races in the universe. End of story: Nuh-uh.)

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