January 6, 2015

Ed Brayton on Tucker Carlson

This is why I enjoy Ed Brayton's blog. Here he is, eviscerating Tucker Carlson:
Tucker Carlson continues his lifelong and incredibly brave battle against reality after a Missouri legislator dared to mention white privilege. Because there is no such thing, you see. In fact, only a racist person could possibly believe that white privilege exists. So says Tucker Carlson, who is so white he’s translucent.
I know you won't click on the link and read it (because you're lazy), so here's how he ends the piece:
Yes, the mere mention of white privilege makes one a racist! In the next segment, Carlson explained that up is down and war is peace. On the next show, they should just represent Tucker Carlson with a mayonnaise sandwich on wonder bread listening to Yanni.
How can you not love Ed? You hafta, you just hafta.

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