January 16, 2015

Ice for you

Yesterday, commenter cm sent this photo my way. Unlike me, he goes out into the world. On a daily basis, no less! Wattaguy.

This is the fountain in Bryant Park after it was attacked by the Ice Monster. Brrrrrrr. It's been crazy cold in New York this winter. I think we're going down to 2 again tonight, with a wind chill below zero.

I've heard there are states where it gets even colder but I haven't verified this for myself. Still, there are persistent rumors to this effect. I can't imagine how people face weather colder than this. Where is Spring? And more importantly, where is baseball?

How's the winter in your area?


Anna Guess Pick said...

Maybe this news will help to warm you: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/17/science/earth/2014-was-hottest-year-on-record-surpassing-2010.html?emc=edit_na_20150116&nlid=59749193&_r=0

Not working for me however. Burrrrr.

writenow said...

Yes, hottest year ever. But of course, the GOP gits won't get the message. And now the oceans are dying...but no one cares. Quite a country we've got here.