January 22, 2015

Spotty blogging

I haven't blogged often in the past few days because I'm trying to get to my "must read" pile. I keep putting things aside to read later, but later never comes. It's the damned internet.

New, shiny things pop up daily and I hafta read them. I hafta! For instance, the annual Edge question for 2015 sucked my attention away for days. I love this stuff. In case you don't know, each year Edge poses a different scientific question to noted scientists, science writers, philosophers, etc. This year's question is "What do you think about machines that think?"

Some of the responses are wonderful. I particularly enjoyed Susan Blackmore's response, as well as that of Frank Tipler. But lots of them were thought provoking. The Edge question is one of my favorite annual events. Sure beats the Academy Awards.

For the next few days I'll continue blogging, though spottily. Gotta read several books (one of them written by a relative). It's just so hard to pull away from the computer. It's the ultimate bright, shiny thing. (Okay, you knew that already.)

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