January 18, 2015

A pastor's sermon

There's an interesting article in the NY Daily News today. It's an excerpt from a sermon that a Protestant minister (Dona Schaper, senior minister of Judson Memorial Church) will give on Martin Luther King Day. Although it comes from a Christian viewpoint that I don't share, it's basically a diatribe against dear, sweet Cardinal Dolan -- he who attacks gays at every chance and loves every NYC police officer he meets, even when they go around killing people of color for no reason at all.

Here are two excerpts from the sermon:
There is also no surprise in Cardinal Dolan thinking he has to defend the police. He sees them as his people in a way he can’t see Eric Garner or Michael Brown as his people. The cardinal doesn’t know how to see from the middle and mess of the table.
The Pope may think his cardinals have spiritual Alzheimer’s, as he said in his Christmas message. But Cardinal Dolan has arteriosclerosis, the hardening of the heart’s arteries.
Let's hope Dolan reads this article. He is a terrible spiritual leader who is rarely confronted about his hateful beliefs. In fact, I've only seen gay people confront him to his face. We recognize evil when we see it.

Anyway, not my usual fare. But I thought readers might be interested in reading the full article. There's something there for believers, too. After all, Schaper is a minister.

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