January 7, 2015

It's enough to make you sick

While New York's police officers continue to act like spoiled children, local TV media have taken to fellating the NYPD on a daily basis. Ever since two officers were killed by a maniac, local TV news has devoted at least the first half of each broadcast to canonizing all police officers. You ain't seen deference until you've heard these losers sucking it up to cops. Apparently, cops can do no wrong. It's enough to make you sick.

Tom Sullivan at digby gives us one example of this syndrome, caught by Wonkette. Yup, the media is whitewashing everything about cops in NY. (I'm not going to excerpt it because it's too long. But you can read it in full at the link.)

Digby also chimed in, focusing not on the media but on the cops' behavior. Here's a bit:
[P]olice officers acting like petulant children day after day over the mayor's alleged failure to kiss their feet isn't going to garner them the respect and admiration they crave. It's making them look like people who need to find a line of work in which judgment, patience, maturity and professionalism aren't required. Perhaps they could all join boy bands.
I saw an interesting idea mentioned in the mainstream media today (sorry, no link). The idea is to have the Justice Department investigate this and then replace all the cops. I vote for this option. These guys deserve to lose their jobs. Maybe they can apply to be tin gods in a third world country where violence rules the day and police officers rule the country.

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