August 24, 2013

Dog's kindly suggestion to me

When Dog visited me recently, he promised to reveal his Suggestions for Humanity. Apparently this won't be instantaneous. Dog is working on something that he says is essential to the coming Revelations. In the meantime, he's asked me to do my part by, of all things, looking into the steampunk movement. Who knew there was a steampunk movement? Below, you'll find a five-minute video to explain the nature of steampunkery. (Apparently steampunk folks make their own music, too. We'll sample some of it in the coming days -- all in anticipation of Dog's revelations, of course. It's exciting, isn't it? Hallelujah!)

Hmmm. Interesting. I saw Steamboy with the kids years ago, and enjoyed it tremendously, as did they. Apparently there's much, much more to the steampunk universe. Stay tuned. (I wonder why Dog urged me to look into this. Oh well, he must have his reasons. And really, who am I to question Dog? It is to laugh.)

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