August 4, 2013

Dog will save us all

That's Dog in the photo at left. He appeared to me last night, in his second dogly Visitation to my humble home. What can I say? Dog loves me. (Don't worry. Dog is omniloving. He loves you, too.)

As you know, there is no god. But there is Dog. He is not an omniscient, all-powerful being like the nonexistent god. He's just Dog, the most insightful creature ever to visit the Earth.

A note about the above image. Dog is notoriously camera-shy. Because I knew this and was hoping he'd visit, I had a camera set up behind a two-way mirror. Sneaky, huh?

See, Dog likes to look in the mirror. During his last visit, he told me (in his charming language of barks) that there are no mirrors in the Realm from Whence He Comes. So it's a novelty for him to see his reflection and he gets a real kick out of it. (Apparently, only Earth creatures look at themselves in mirrors. Dog says that on all the other inhabited planets, nobody cares what they look like.)

Because Dog knew I had a mirror, he wore that cross around his neck. He thinks it's hysterical, as you can see from the smile on his face. In fact, right after this photo was taken he fell to the floor in a fit of giggles. Dog says religion is the funniest thing about humans. Apparently, no other intelligent race in the universe has come up with such a silly idea. Just us. It gives earthlings a certain...reputation.

Anyway, all this is by way of saying "I bring you good tidings." I will deliver Dog's Suggestions for Humanity in an upcoming series of posts. For now, know that dog is here -- for you and for me. Always remember: In Dog's love, there is salvation.

Stay tuned. Arf!

("Photo" of dog drawn by Conor Cunningham. Thanks, Conor!)


cm said...

He's such a good doggie! Yes he is! He's a good doggie!
Good job Conor.

Artichoke Annie said...

Another great job by Conor, or as I refer to him at home "CC".

writenow said...

Hi guys. He is good, isn't he?