August 21, 2013

Manning sentence

Updated to reflect correct gender.

It's depressing. Bradley Chelsea Manning got 35 years, supposedly in Leavenworth, not the most pleasant prison.

Unfortunately, there's no way to get him her out in the near future. Hillary won't offer any hope. She loves authoritarianism. Remember, this is the lady who gave us a flag burning amendment. Thanks, Hillary! And with the Supreme Court leaning right, there's no hope there either.

I think we should start to demand that high schools around the country be renamed "Pfc. Bradley Chelsea Manning HS". And streets, too. Let's name at least three streets after him her each month. Let's also "adopt" stretches of highway in his her name. What we can't do is forget about him Chelsea and let him her languish in that hole.

Probably his her jailers will torment him her, because they have little nit brains. If that happens, I hope he she finds the moxie to say, "You've accomplished nothing in life. I changed the world."

Poor Bradley Chelsea. I'm going to write him her a letter this evening. You should too. (If a new mailing address is assigned to him her, I'll update this post.)


Artichoke Annie said...

And let's not forget the ones that the government just chose to kill rather than charge with a crime. So neat and tidy that way isn't it?

Tell Manning I say "hi".

writenow said...

I will, Annie. It was heartening to hear he might get parole in 8 or 9 years. We'll all have to push for that, to make it happen.

Artichoke Annie said...

Well here we go a new chapter in the life of Pvt. Manning - this one entitled Chelsea.

First step Chelsea should begin the psychiatric care that transgender inmates are eligible for. From my limited experience this is a long and thoughtful process, which begins with step one, psychological evaluation and counseling, hopefully Chelsea will be entitled to this care.

And in addition I hope this will not become a media spectacle. I was more interested in the spying aspect of the case not Manning's sexual preference, which I consider to be his/her private business.

writenow said...

Undergoing gender reassignment in Leavenworth Prison sounds a tad shaky. I wish her well. But really, we've just got to get her out of prison. I hope her lawyers give the prison and the gov't intense grief for fighting her intention to become female. It's a new battle, and you know what? It might keep her going during this period. Fighting for something gives you hope.