August 5, 2013

The Manning verdict is "Obama's defining injustice"

So says Spiegel Online. Here's an excerpt:
By using the Espionage Act to punish Bradley Manning, the Obama administration has shown how far it will go to intimidate leakers. His sentencing is a stain on the president's legacy and on America's global reputation. 
It seems that outside the United States, people see Manning's brave act as the whistleblowing that it certainly was. It would be great if Americans could see things this clearly. But that would require an honest, vigilant media -- something we lack entirely.


Anna Guess Pick said...

Well at least some journalists are standing up for their own in leak cases and continue to push for information on the possible murder of Michael Hastings by the government. It's my new obsession that nobody is talking about, well few talk about. The gov't has put a major seal on the release of information in his death.

Very scary times for sure.

writenow said...

Shhhhhh! They're probably monitoring what you say.

Anna Guess Pick said...

Oh I know they are monitoring I bait them daily.