August 7, 2013

What got into Frothy Mix?


What is Ricky Santorum talking about? Seriously, what could have been going on in his little-nit brain to make him say this?
...Santorum argued that the pro-choice movement infuses passion about abortion rights into "every aspect of their life." He said that because of this, showering at a gym had become an "uncomfortable" prospect for students. 

"They make it uncomfortable for students who come to Austin to shower at a Young Men's Christian Association, YMCA, gym, because they live it," he said. "Because they live it. They're passionate, they're willing to do and say uncomfortable things in mixed company.
I honestly have no idea what he's talking about. He was probably just trying out some words that he doesn't understand, because this makes no sense at all.

A note to all of you out there. Live it!

UPDATE: This would seem to explain Ricky's comments:
Santorum was responding to reports that a local branch of the Austin YMCA had prohibited the group from using its facilities to shower when they were in town last month to support a controversial anti-abortion bill.

YMCA representatives have said the organization did not allow Students for Life members to use its facilities because the group violated its policies by bringing political debate into the building.

“We strive to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to all, where people of all backgrounds are comfortable,” the YMCA said in a statement. “That’s what we were striving to do in accommodating the Students for Life group who were in need of a place to shower. Unfortunately, in this instance, it caused the political debate to come into the Y.”
I assume they were pushy Taliban-type teenagers anti-abortion lunatics and that's why they weren't allowed to shower there. But Jeez, that original story was vague. If they didn't know what they were talking about, they shouldn't have printed it.

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