August 1, 2013

Who's that at my door?

This fellow has an odd habit of looking through my glass door. It's kinda weird.

He's one of three (whatever-they-are's) that I've been feeding for the past few years. Like most yard animals, they adore peanuts. But he's suddenly become a peeper.

When I took this photo, I was standing at the door and saw him run directly up the stairs, stand on his hind legs, and peer in. For some reason, he didn't see me. Since I had my iPad in my hand, I was able to take this shot.

Later, I was puzzled by his behavior. How could a large rodent understand windows? If you saw him climb the stairs, there would be no doubt in your mind that he did it so he could look inside. Weird.

A few days later, again when I was standing right there, he ran up the stairs and looked inside. But this time, I bent down and waggled my fingers right in front of his face. There was no reaction at all, so I don't think he's "looking in". Maybe he thinks the glass is god, and he's just grokking its wonderfulness.

In any case, I will never leave that door open again. I love animals but they have to stay outside. I'm funny that way.

PS: Is it a groundhog? I've been asking on this blog for years but no one ever answered.

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