August 14, 2013

About those badly-drawn swastikas

There is a class of people who think it's the height of humor to paint swastikas on the homes, cars, buildings and memorials of Jews. It's of course a hateful, ugly act but these people will never grasp this fact. They are beyond comprehension, living in a tiny, suffocating space defined for them by Fox TV, Republican politicians, religious leaders, and their hateful parents (dad, really).

But that's not what this post is about. Have you noticed that these nitwits almost always paint the swastika backwards? I mean, if this symbol is meaningful to you in your miasma of a brain, shouldn't you know which way it goes?

I've decided that there are two possible causes for this. Either it's a pictorial version of the right wing tendency to capitalize odd words, write in ALL-CAPS, and misspell every other word. Or it's caused by dyslexia. The latter could be true. After all, letter-flipping is one of the symptoms of dyslexia. But I think it's just the nitwit tendency to mash up anything that's written. I guess "written" is the same as "drawn", at least in their misshapen brains.

Any other opinions out there?

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