August 27, 2013

A drone that's kind. I think I like it.

In Canada, they're trying to push a flock of geese out of an area that people use. And they're using a drone to accomplish this.
Canadian lawmakers have enlisted a drone to disperse a large flock of Canada geese at a popular beach this summer, pleasing swimmers concerned about water quality.

The remote-controlled vehicle flies with six rotating blades, spans about 26 inches (66 centimeters), and is outfitted with lights and audio recordings meant to frighten the geese without harming them. The recordings include sounds of potential predators, including owls, fox, wolves and eagles, and play at varying intervals to prevent the birds from becoming comfortable with repeating repertoires of empty threats.
I like this. Finally, a way to get rid of geese without killing them. I hope NYC tries this method. Right now, they're murdering geese on a regular basis. It's nightmarish.

Mind you, New Yorkers will shoot at the drone -- but that's just part of the fun. They'd better not accidentally hit a goose, though. Take careful aim, people.

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