August 13, 2013

Falling off the manic wagon

Yup. I bought this.
It was fun. For about two weeks I was wildly manic. Mania is never a bad thing, at least for me. In fact, I spend my down time waiting for the next manic wave. And drat, one just ended.

You know what's weird? I often fail to notice that I've gone manic. It takes days before it dawns on me. You'd think it would be easy to spot mania. I mean, you're suddenly interested in everything and multi-tasking your way through the day -- and you feel grand. But the strange thing is that it isn't obvious at all. I need clues to tip me off.

The first clue is that I order things online (stuff I don't need, usually). A steady stream of UPS packages always tips my sister off (and me, too). She'll say, "He's flying again." And she's right. The last manic wave caused me to buy a bunch of hats. PS: I don't wear hats. Doesn't matter. I bought about seven of them. Weird hats, too. I got a derby, a top hat and a faaaabulous fedora, among other things. Mania makes me buy things.

But I noticed another clue during this episode. When I played my usual computer word games, I got all-time high scores -- again and again. This joins the pantheon of clues, alongside random purchases. (My vision gets better, too, but that's hard to notice.)

And now it's over. I've fallen off the manic wagon and I'm exhausted. Mania uses up a ton of energy. I hardly eat, hardly sleep and I'm always busy. It's just like being on speed. And I crash at the end, just like speed freaks do. So when I say I'm beat, I mean it.

If and when the next wave arrives, I'll try to produce a few entertaining posts. For now, nada. Can't wait till the hats arrive!


Artichoke Annie said...

By now I should be able to recognize your manic moments even without being in view of the UPS delivery truck, because I have been through a few with you.

I like your manic moments because I am energized through you...

writenow said...

You've seen the other sign. Multiple emails within one hour of each other. Sure as shooting, he's manic again!