August 10, 2013

Electricity is all

As I mentioned in a comment yesterday, I lost power. 4.3 inches of rain fell in a two-hour period and everything flooded. My house and my sister's house were inundated -- but only I lost power.

What a modern nightmare that is. I had no TV, no computer, no modem and no phone. This also translated baseball games! Horrors!

I survived by jumping onto a neighbor's Wi-Fi with my iPad. That made a huge difference. It gave me light (from the screen) and connectivity. I was able to watch the local news and follow the night's games on almost-dead baseball sites. (They can't show actual baseball because MLB, which is really just one big, fat old man who stinks of cigars, won't let them.) So I watched an animated scoreboard. Hey, it was all I could get and I was happy to have it. I am a baseball fiend. (I sometimes feel like the only gay baseball fan in America, but that's another post.)

This morning, I thought I was waking up to a world without electricity. I could hardly get out of bed, but when I did I learned that the power was back on! The pumps worked all night and my trusty brother-in-law trekked into my basement and flipped the circuit breakers. Power! It felt so damn good.

Loss of electricity is the ultimate modern nightmare. Admit it: we internet types can't live without it. It's like oxygen. Anyway, the nightmare is over.

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cm said...

That stinks about the flooding. I'm glad you got your power back. I agree, Tom is a trusty guy. Looking forward to the "only gay baseball fan in the world" post.