December 20, 2012

Dempster. All right!

I just read the news. Ryan Dempster signed with the Red Sox. I couldn't be happier. Mind you, I haven't watched a Red Sox game recently -- but I'm back with the team, for sure. I love this guy. I mean, have you seen his Harry Caray impression? And he can pitch!

This is just what I needed because I've been laid low by the Mets' appalling trade of Cy Young winner RA Dickey. How could they do that? First they traded Reyes, and now Dickey. This is all about Fred Wilpon, the cheesy owner of the Mets, who entrusted his money to Bernie Madoff. He lost big-time so he's going to bleed the Mets and run off with every last cent -- and the hell with the fans. I'm not going to watch one Mets game this year. So there.

And who cares? I've got my Red Sox back. I used to love them but really, I haven't been happy with the team since the whole Manny thing went down. Manny was low. Really low. So this Dempster news is much-needed. And you know what? He's going to love it in Boston, and the fans will welcome him with open arms. Ryan Dempster is a Red Sox pitcher. Very cool.

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