December 9, 2012

Writing: next steps and a look back

I've almost finished reading the draft of my sci-fi novel, "The Worlds". It's the book I'll be working on this year (throughout 2013, actually).

My reaction so far is that some sections of the book sing, while others seem like they were written by a (not very talented) high-schooler. The latter problem is something I'll handle in direct fashion: I'm going to rewrite huge sections of the book, from scratch. The day I finish reading the draft, I'll begin.

I've come up with a new way to begin the story. I think it will work well. The reason I'm heading toward a rewrite is that that there are basic elements missing from the draft. I didn't know enough about writing when I produced it four years ago. I've learned a lot since then and will put this knowledge to good use in the rewrite.

Writing Xmas Carol was the best experience of my life. I've never had so much fun -- and I was learning all the while, which is perhaps the best thing. My learning curve was so dramatic that by the time I finished writing the book, the beginning seemed amateurish. There was that much of a bump in my skills level. This led to over a year of editing, which I don't regret. The editing is where I really learned how to say things.

I cannot wait to apply what I've learned to "The Worlds". Much excitement ahead.

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