December 13, 2012

Slice of (deer) life

So a deer was caught out on the ice in Germany, and couldn't get back to land. Unfortunately, the ice wasn't strong enough to hold the men who wanted to save the deer. However, someone had a bright idea. From Spiegel:
That's when the deer's guardian angel appeared in the form of a passing police helicopter that happened to be in the area. "Its pilot had been listening to the police frequency and heard what was going on," the spokesman said. "He offered to help and had the idea of tilting the helicopter to create a strong downdraft. That literally blew the deer off the lake."

Once the animal had hit the shore, it got up and skipped off into the forest, apparently unhurt, the spokesman said.

The case may have set a precedent. "Every time a deer's in trouble somewhere, we're going to have to call in a helicopter now," said one policeman. 
Kinda fun. I hope this becomes a trend. Maybe they can blow kids off the ice, too.

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