December 28, 2012

This time I'll imitate a TV detective

Recently I spent a few days looking for timeline software. I had this illusion that there was a program out there that could track the timeline for my next novel, magically and simply. Ha. There are timeline programs but I don't find them magical, or even pleasing. Thus I remain a softwareless child.

The timeline proved troublesome in Xmas Carol. Toward the end, I realized my days were cramped and jumbling into one another. I had to adjust all sorts of things to bring them into line, which wasn't fun at all. I want to avoid this pitfall with my next book.

Without the aid of magical software, I'm going to create a timeline -- but I'll do it like the detectives on TV. I'm going to line my living room wall(s) with a long piece of paper. Then I'll put dates on the paper and string my scenes over the timeline. Surely this will work. Surely.

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