December 2, 2012

The Christmas of "Xmas Carol"

Jeez, it's already December. Christmas is rushing toward us at 300 mph. If you haven't read "Xmas Carol", you may miss out this season. Because this isn't just any Christmas. It's the Christmas of Xmas Carol. It's a worldwide event.

You know how you've always wanted to read a novel that presents atheists as normal people? Well, your long wait is over. Get your copy of Xmas Carol today. It's available as an ebook at every major bookstore, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (If you'd like to pump up a more independent vendor, you can pick up a copy at Smashwords.)

But whatever you do, get your hands on this book and start reading. It's a great horror story with an Xmas theme and tons of great atheist characters. It will make you cry; it will make you laugh. (Okay, mostly the latter.) And did I mention it's only $2.99? Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get your copy today!


Artichoke Annie said...

I was waiting to hear..."But wait there's more..."

I'm reading and ENJOYING my copy of Xmas Carol, albeit at a slower pace than the author would like. Some things just need to be savored, not rushed.

writenow said...

But wait! If you order your copy of Xmas Carol in the next ten minutes, I guarantee you'll have one hell of a good time!

Hi Annie. Yes, the whole world is waiting for you to finish the book, especially me. But if you write me a good, long review at the end of it, all will be forgiven.