December 12, 2012

The best-laid plans

In honor of the season, I bought red flannel sheets for my bed. I have a lovely, dark green comforter to go with them and I hoped the combination would look like an Xmas tree. It does. Success!

But then I stepped back, took in a wider view and realized my mistake. The bed is cherrywood. It looks awful next to the red sheets. It's like I combined red and orange. Ugh. A color mistake; how shocking. I hardly ever make those. And this one is a full-frontal mortal sin. Ah, well.

Moving right along, Cousin Carmine sent the photo you see with this post. When I asked him to take some Xmassy images for the blog, I made a special request for this very image. Of all the joys life has to offer, nothing is better than walking through a wintry lot where Xmas trees are for sale. That scent! More than anything else -- even reading Xmas Carol! -- the scent of pine makes it seem like (okay, I'll say the word) Christmas. 

Very nice!

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