December 3, 2012

American opinions about art. Oy.

This is an excerpt from a Hollywood Reporter story about Brad Pitt's new movie flopping with movie-goers:
After receiving a rare F CinemaScore from moviegoers, Brad Pitt's independent crime drama "Killing Them Softly" opened nationwide to a soft $7 million, coming in No. 7.

Directed by Andrew Dominik, the violent crime drama becomes only the eighth movie ever to receive the failing grade. George Clooney's "Solaris" and "Killing Them Softly" are the only non-horror titles among the bunch.
"Solaris"? The best movie I've ever seen? That movie?! This is why I laugh at "10 best" lists. The American public is no judge of, well, anything. Get yourself a copy of "Solaris" if you want to see a truly excellent movie.

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