December 3, 2012

What's with all the flags?

There's one thing I hate about football: the endless flags. They're very irritating and they seem to come after nearly every play. It reminds me of when I was in Catholic elementary school and the nuns would click those evil little things they held in their hands. One click meant kneel; two clicks meant pray or speak in tongues -- I forget which. It was just like these incessant flags: annoying as hell.

If there's no obvious evidence of knife-play on the field and no weapons are discharged, I say get on with it. Play the damn game. Sheesh.

The photo above was taken by cousin Carmine at yesterday's Jets game. He brought his son, Nick. Good seats, eh? It was Nick's first game and it was an odd one. The Jets' Sanchez seemed determined to lose the game. I mean, the guy threw two interceptions in the first quarter! And another later in the game. They finally pulled him and put a new kid in his spot -- and won the game. That's not the most exciting way to win, but the Jets will take it. I hope Nick enjoyed the game. He's a great, wonderfully baseball-mad kid. Right up my alley!

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