December 8, 2012

Football is not like baseball

You probably know that football is different from baseball. But it comes as news to me because until this year, I never watched football. Sure, I caught a game now and then but I never got into it. This is the first season where I've truly enjoyed the game. That's putting it mildly. I'm addicted.

One difference between the sports is that football players are much more affectionate toward opposing players. They're always helping each other up and patting butts and bopping hands on helmets. It's much friendlier than baseball, where you'll sometimes see a runner talk to a first baseman, or a batter say something to a catcher. But you certainly won't see a hug or any other physical expression of affection. In fact, I remember the fans booing Ike Davis, the Mets first baseman, when he offered to take an opposing player's gloves and pads across the field during a game -- to save time, according to his later statement. This was seen as extremely poor behavior. How dare he be nice to an opposing player?

But football guys bump body-parts and exchange friendly remarks with opposing players all the time. They like them. I suppose it's because there's much more physical contact in football. The players are like puppies in a box, crawling over each other in a friendly, intimate way that breeds a brotherly familiarity.

Just noted in passing. I love this game. Can't wait till Sunday. One last note: I wish they'd spread the games out. There are other days in the week, you know. Even with two tuners, it's impossible to catch all the games I'd like to see. Doesn't make sense.

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